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Can It Strike Me?

The National Safety Council says that more than 120 Americans are killed by lightning every year.  Other sources place the toll closer to 200 dead.  Estimates for the number injured every year range from 500 to 1,500 and property damage may be as high as $100 million annually.

Lightning causes the majority of the world's forest fires - 10,000 a year in this country alone.  AND it causes building fires, burns out electrical appliances, disrupts telephone service, interferes with radio communications, and destroys many types of electronic devices.

Lightning occurs primarily during thunderstorms.  The most familiar form of lightning is the forked cloud-to-ground discharge which looks like the branching roots of Jack's beanstalk.  But there are many other types of lightning as well. Heat lightning, Ribbon lightning, Bead lightning and Ball lightning.

Where there is lightning there is thunder. It occurs when a lightning stroke heats the air surrounding the channel so rapidly that it expands explosively, creating a shock wave.

As you read this, about 2,000 thunderstorms are in progress, producing 100 lightning flashes every second - eight million every day.

Lightning - a powerful force that makes man aware of his own insignificance. The destructive force of lightning can be controlled, so it passes safely to the ground.

There are few fire causes against which so reliable a defense is available, a lightning protection system provides that defense.

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What are the odds?

Anyone who has been a victim of lightning damage will not wonder about the odds of lightning striking a home or a building.  The aftermath is usually too awesome.  But for the gamblers, the statistics are persuasive.

The table below is based on data compiled by Mr. Edward Beck, Westinghouse Electric Company.  It shows the probable number of times a building will be  struck each  year, based on the number of storms each year and based on the building's height. Not IF but how OFTEN....

In some areas lightning causes up to 37% of all fires.
Rarely does a week pass without word 
of another building destroyed by Lightning.

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